E-commerce was all they Need

maha-musk-final-1Mainly marketing a wide-ranging collection of fragrances, Maha Musk are retailers of perfumes and scents with their business operating in the city of London. We were called upon by them at a time when they felt that the online marketing solutions they were using previously were not much competent in promoting their products and business the way they wanted.

So IT Britz collaborated and came up with an effective e-commerce solution for them that could successfully enhance their commercial presence in the online world. We went through all details with them, making sure that we understand all their products, whether they were those varieties of classy fragrances that they majorly supplied or it was the other additional items they needed to market. Subsequently, we revised all aspects of their website, working on and enhancing the theme and changing the images so that everything complemented with their brand identity and type. Moreover, we were well aware of the kind of balance our client desired to have in the look of their website; a touch of Arabian style that would reflect their roots in the Arab community as well as a contemporary feel that would look appealing to all visitors and would not just convey a totally religious impression that could possibly narrow down their number of customers. To further ensure this, our professionals optimized their website to become mobile-friendly thus coming up with a greatly functional online shopr for them to drive their sales.

We also checked that all our dealings with them were clear and everything was kept open and transparent all through the process of their website development. We are currently working out a stock management system that is supposed to be making use of bar code technology and simplify their operations for them by minimizing the need of manual efforts.

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